New Money

A new “GOLD” dollar will be coined
Tn this year of 2000, so I’m told
Of course, there’ll be no ‘gold’ in it
Here is how the story does unfold

If will bigger than the last
The Susan B. Anthony one
The one we all thought was a quarter
After the minting was all done.

No – this dollar will be bigger
And painted with 14K GOLDEN PAINT
A wide smooth edge will make it unique
The joy of it all makes me quite faint.

Sacagawea, fine Indian maiden
Will grace the front of same
If her friends could see her now
Would they be proud or would they
feel ashamed?



Strange But True

Kay could mend with both hands
For her it was easy as sin
She could sew with her left hand or her rightDepending on where she’d began

In that far off year of ’99 at Christmas
She called Santa Claus on the phone
She called him at his workshop
But finally reached him at his home

“Santa, dear Santa, oh please,
might I have 2 thimbles, that’s all”
Santa made a note of her wish
And politely thanked her for her call

And on Christmas morning so early
As the sun brightened Christmas Day
Kay read the note that Santa left
“Here is what you wanted, but I really have to know
Why 2 Kay?