Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Soon it will be Christmas
Are you preparing for it yet?
Yard sales and auctions
Such nice bargains one can get.

There was a new teapot for a quarter
A used bike for a wee bit more
And once I found a violin
If only I could play the score

Sometimes you find a collectible
A cup or plate or dish
I was so very stupified
When I once was offered one live fish.

There are slacks and shoes and gloves
Laid out upon the lawns
Upon a side street yesterday
I saw a couple of plaster fawns

But the best view I had of all
When driving around my town
Was a wedding dress a fluttering
A lovely wedding gown.

I inquired what went with it
Imagine my surprise
When the lady selling the thing
Told me clearly — and with dry eyes —

“Why, you can have it all
The dress, the shoes, the veil
I’ll even throw in, for one more buck
The bouquet and the male.

I backed away quite quickly
A groom — not what I sought
Instead I took the teapot
And was glad for what I bought.