Ah – The English Language

Ah — the English language
What a marvelous invention
One can allude to goodly deeds
Without harboring any good intentions
Why, one can speak in golden tones
Brag about the good they’ll do
It is only words, you know
There is no follow through
It’s all in how turn a phrase
The spin they put to it
The banker mouths such niceties
But the loan, will he renew it?
The little white lies that each of us use
We say”to keep the peace”
Hang onto your wallets, guys and gals
Dulcet tones precede a fleece.
The Liars Club needs no member drive
They can fill their roster easy
Just listen to the folks down in D.C.
Why, every one of them is cheesy.
Prevarication is a special art
I wonder, is it taught in political school
There may be no formal class
But our reps steer wide of the truth
This seems to be THEIR GOLDEN RULE.


Retrospective, Introspective — See Also Reflective

Winter’s thoughts should be

Sort of “I wish I’d done”
“I’m glad I did”
“I should have done”
“What was I going to do?”
Are the thoughts that come rushing

But 1998, at the very end
Gave very little reason
To mull things over
It was much to mild a season.

To conjure up your inner self
Is best done deep in a storm
Then when the weather breaks
Everything’s back to norm.

S0 — unless 1999
Can work itself up some snow
What I intended to mull over
I guess I’ll never know.