About Dee George


My mother was a prolific poet. I have created this blog to share with the world her poetry, and to give those of us who loved her a way to remember her.  Born in northern Colorado and raised in both the small town of Virginia Dale and in nearby Ft. Collins, she met my father while he was in college on the GI Bill at Colorado State University, married him in 1958, and moved with him to New York State the following year.  While raising her 3 children, she pursued several careers, including children’s literature, newspaper journalism, court stenography, various clerical positions and finally found her calling in the insurance industry as an independent agent.  In her off hours, she held court with her friends at Kozel’s, a local restaurant and institution, traveled extensively, and wrote various self-published newsletters filled with her poetry and various ramblings, much of which she also submitted to the local newspapers as letters to the editors.

Several themes are present in these poems, among them the local news and current events and her views on them, her observations of the world, the strange ways people sometimes act, but most of these poems are written as gifts to friends, for birthdays, get well wishes or as tributes to those who died.

As an avid amateur and professional writer who would rather self-publish than wait for someone to approve, I have no doubt that she would be a blogger if she were alive today.  In that spirit, I am starting this blog to share her poetry, some of it lovely, most of it just plain silly, with the world.


3 thoughts on “About Dee George

  1. Howard Miranda says:

    very touching, refreshing,good read

  2. Joanna says:

    A good son you were/are to her John…She no doubt would have made the most of blogging & FB…

  3. moxiebee says:

    Thank you for sharing her with us, John.

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