Retrospective, Introspective — See Also Reflective

Winter’s thoughts should be

Sort of “I wish I’d done”
“I’m glad I did”
“I should have done”
“What was I going to do?”
Are the thoughts that come rushing

But 1998, at the very end
Gave very little reason
To mull things over
It was much to mild a season.

To conjure up your inner self
Is best done deep in a storm
Then when the weather breaks
Everything’s back to norm.

S0 — unless 1999
Can work itself up some snow
What I intended to mull over
I guess I’ll never know.


Strange But True

Kay could mend with both hands
For her it was easy as sin
She could sew with her left hand or her rightDepending on where she’d began

In that far off year of ’99 at Christmas
She called Santa Claus on the phone
She called him at his workshop
But finally reached him at his home

“Santa, dear Santa, oh please,
might I have 2 thimbles, that’s all”
Santa made a note of her wish
And politely thanked her for her call

And on Christmas morning so early
As the sun brightened Christmas Day
Kay read the note that Santa left
“Here is what you wanted, but I really have to know
Why 2 Kay?

Yesterday, Again

It’s beginning to look a lot like yesterday
Politics rearing its head
It’s beginning to look like yesterday
Just when I thought the feuds were dead.

But what do I see in the paper
headlines big and bold
Florio quits and Torrey is fired
Like in the days of old.

Just as I thought I’d catch my breath
One more headline roared
“Lowenstein dumped by HDC”
At least we won’t get bored

Who will it be tomorrow
Should one wager a bet
Pushing and shoving, etc., my friends
Is this as good as it gets?

The alphabet agencies do it again
Will progress scream to a halt?
People are human and humans are people
All of us have our faults.

So as long as summer is here
They might as well heat up the floor
So we get blistered in our own back yards
And never need to go to the shore.

In Hudson, the Rain Came Down

In Hudson, the rain came down
Came down in fat wet drops
It splashed and tumbled
And would not stop

My feet got soaked
My hair? A mess
The rain nearly ruined
My too long dress

Yet, even as it poured right out
I saw some flowers begin to spout
So I, of course, let out a shout
I loved that storm, without a doubt

Only a Few Moments Left Till Christmas

Only a few moments left till
Is your shopping done & wrapped?
Did you start out with good intentions
That lasted just till your
nerves went snap?

Is it any wonder
This season seems to try us”
With stores & TV assaulting
to “BUY US!”

I think I’ll just ignore
All these blatant pleas
And stroll down to the
nearest church and
There fall down upon my

I am tired of all the worry
The hurry and the waste
When just a little
Can be the saving grace.


Time To Take The Shovel

Time to take the shovel
Time to take the hoe
Time to scatter seeds about
To make your garden grow

I am not a gardener
Know naught about the soil
But as a keen observer
I enjoy other’s toil

So, gardeners get a move on
Get gardening soon, if you please
So I can see your lovely flowers
And enjoy the shade of your trees.

Amorous Alpacas

Our woods are full of strangers
But there is no need to fear
We have deer and we have emus
And now, amorous alpacas, so I hear.

The alpacas were found out
Their smooching made the news
The deer are out of sight
But we already spotted those emus.

If the alpacas and emus
Met for a spot of tea
The agonizing question on my mind is