Every Year On April 1

Every year on April 1
The fishermen pursue some fun
They grab their lines, their poles, their bait
Eagerly they await this date.

This April Fool’s Day of every year
The very first day of April you will hear
The swoosh, the thud, the splashing about
As fishermen fish, and fish swim out.

And every year on April 1
Just as the fishermen want some sun
The clouds open up and it just pours
So the fishermen dash
To hand fish-selling stores.



In Hudson, the Rain Came Down

In Hudson, the rain came down
Came down in fat wet drops
It splashed and tumbled
And would not stop

My feet got soaked
My hair? A mess
The rain nearly ruined
My too long dress

Yet, even as it poured right out
I saw some flowers begin to spout
So I, of course, let out a shout
I loved that storm, without a doubt