The Story of My Birth As Revealed by Connie Coddington

For seventeen years my parents were childless
No little feet pitter-patted their floor
But then once, while seeing
“Gone with the Wind”
My Mom grew uncomfortable, for sure.

They lived 40 miles from the movies
You must understand this important fact
And this was a rare treat
For those who lived out in the back.

So when my Mom grew decidedly ill
My Dad rushed her to the doc
“Appendicitis” claimed he, “hurry to the hospital, please”
So off they careened as fast as they could rock.

And as Daddy waited
Pacing restlessly, worrying about her
The Doc yelled to him, “Sorry, Jim,
No appendicitis–it’s a baby–
this time I am really sure.”

After the birthing was over
And Mom and I lay serene
My Dad sped thru the hallways
He was flying, I mean.

“Where is that so and so
“who made such a stupid mistake!
“Thinking our baby was appendicitis!
“I gotta kill him, for goodness sake!”

All this happened in Colorado
Out where the West begun
My Daddy took with him his six-shooter
My Dad took his gun.

He did not find the Doc
And he settled down after a while
At least, this is the story told
’cause, this was my Dad’s style.


Hudson, listen up, please!


Hudson, listen up, please!

There is a place in town

That is just

The bees knees!


Last week was a week

That makes me shout

I turned 55 – people

Found me out!


And mean as I am

Rotten as I can be

Friend after friend

Came by and hugged me.


My business associate

Stubborn as he can be

Started it off

With a surprise party for me.


And after this fun

At Colosseo’s was

Over and Done

I found that the fun had

Only just begun.


‘Cause a birthday call

From a friend from afar

Sang o’er Ma Bell

Just like a movie star.


Then I had to close my office

For a 10-minute span

‘Cause someone brought me goodies

To feed me by hand.


Then back to work

For a bit of a day

And off to a board meeting

But – there is more to this day


‘Cause the board

Knew my house is devoid of food

So they brought me a birthday

Dinner that was

Ever so good.


But wait, wait

It wasn’t done yet

To the TSL WareHouse we went

To hear Vikki True

Time – well spent.


It was so delightful

And such a great space

I called another friend

To come share this place.


So finally at last

On Saturday night – so nice

Back to the WareHouse

This week – I was there twice.


So listen up Hudson,

Hear me well

Read my lips

As they loudly spell.


Thank you all

Good friends and true

You gave me a week

That wouldn’t leave me blue.


Listen up, listen up

This town is full of good

It treats us right

As well it should.


“No more birthdays”

“No more birthdays”
Is what you said
WAIT! Hold on
You’re not dead

So here it is
One more time
Here is your birthday
Have a good time

And if you are feeling
A little bit short
This present can help
As a last resort

It will stretch or shrink
As your needs arise
I hope you like
This birthday surprise

Just In Case

Just in case
The fish don’t bite
This present Joanne
Will still be all right

For your birthday
This remembrance we found
We hope you’ll enjoy it
As you fishing all around

Perhaps you can use it
As bait when you fish
We hope so Joanne
This is our wish

Happy Birthday
Every day this year
If we were younger
We’d stand up and cheer

I Am Tardy Once Again

I am tardy once again
Do not become annoyed
Sending out your birthday gift
It is something I just can’t avoid

It is because I had to shop
To find a perfect toy
Now it is all packed up
And I hope you will enjoy

Enjoy using this splendiferous whatchamacallit
This is magnificent super marvel
Do not try to thank me
Do not bend and please don’t grovel

If it seems sorta broken in
Thank your lucky stars ‘tis so
I had to ascertain its goodness
Before to you it could

Yes, it seems perfectly perfecto
Right on the button on the nose
Only once it got tangled around my slender sexy toes

But it is lovely now
A wonder to amaze
It’s ok to open it today
And upon this thing gaze

See did I lie?
Did I stretch the truth a bit?
No I think not
I am sure it is a hit

Happy Birthday to you, once again

Happy Birthday to you, once again
I know I have missed it where have I been?
You must have had a wonderful day
Hope you celebrated in every way

I have no gift- what would you like?
Probably have to do without it please don’t go out on strike
It just seems so hard to know what to do
So this little rhyme I made for you

The weather is dreary- but the birds sing on
The sun peeks out and soon is gone
I’ve no idea where spring may be
For soon it is summer for thee and me

I wish you well through all the year
I wish you good weather and lots of cheer
And even if sometimes you are sad
Just smile as you do- then it’s not to bad

We are looking forward to seeing your garden
Know it will be wonderful in the bargain
Don’t know where, font know when
But we’ll get there now of then