I Went Home Early

I went home early
One day last week
I wanted some quiet
That was all I did seek

Just quiet in which
To write some words
I mad sure
All around had heard

There were words
Bouncing around in my head
I needed to leave work
I’d have to leave town

I use a computer
Upon which to write
But it was not working
On this very night

So, of course, I called
The computer man
He said, “I’ll be there
as soon as I can”

But it would be tomorrow
His prognosis
Good heavens alive
I’d develop a psychosis

I sat down at the table
And with a pen
I started to write
Just where I should begin

And I wrote all the afternoon
And thru half the night
When I finally quit
I looked a sight

If, tomorrow
When I arise
I can read my words
It will be a big surprise

But I’d gone home early
And quiet I’d found
The only noise
Was my hand writing sound.

June 1999



Orwell was a bit
ahead of himself
It will be the year 2000
not 1984
When the world is put on the

Then over the nations
a silence will descent
As computers sign off
& users get the deep-knee

I guess few programmers
Thought they’d live this long
As they programmed away
Humming their computer

So the ultimate year
for which most programs are
Is the year 1999
‘Tis the year they all fear.

So, what will happen
On this New Year’s
As we dine and dance
What do YOU believe?

Did Santa’s elves
Figure this out?
Did they leave miracles
When they were about?

Or on New Year’s Day
will the world be found
Adding & subtracting
With a nice quiet

Will the world ounce
be populated with those
who can still handwrite
a letter
And some purple

Will we return to the days
When we did sums in our heads
And our friends were alive
Face to Face
One on one
INSTEAD . . . .
of cyberspace midgets
and computer clones?
HURRAY! at last
maybe then we will get a
on the phone.


If I get connected

If I get connected
To the internet
What in the world would I get?

More screens to see
And words to read
More information
Than I will ever need

Already my mind
Is so jammed with stuff
At least, twice I day
I shout enough

So maybe the internet
Just isn’t for me
But I keep getting offers
To try it for free

It’s sort of like
A bargain sale
If I’ve no use for the product
Then the pitch will fail

I’m saving lots of paper

I’m saving lots of paper
I know that you can do it too
Just stop writing with pen and pencil
Let the computer work for you

How many years
Did I think that would not work
Now I am getting used to it
No longer am I a jerk

You can make all corrections
Sharpen up your spelling skills
All upon that computer
So easy, it gives me chills

Has your computer ever been lazy?

Has your computer ever been lazy?
Has it don’t nutty stuff?
You know “you’re” not crazy
And you’ve just had enough!

Why are they so independent?
Why are they so darned mean?
When all we want them to do
Is print out pages and do it clean

We never ask them to think our thoughts
Nor to correct the way we think
We don’t worry them about the weather
And we never give them a drink

So why are they so ornery?
How can they be so smug?
They’ve got us over a barrel
Right in the hole we all dug