I went to the doctor

I went to the doctor
Just as I was supposed to do
His nurse asked for one arm
Then she asked for two

Before I realized
What was going down
“ P O P” she had shot me
before I had time to frowns

now I am protected
at least I hope tis true
From the flu and pneumonia
‘Cause my shots are all through


Hide and Seek “HMO”

Went to see my doctor

Not one soul was there

Called doc on the phone

Sounding a little in despair


“Where are you Doctor?”

His reply was quite succinct

“Just around the corner

I had to move rather quick”


Then what should occur

Another week and a day

My friend went to see her doctor

He too had moved away


So it was down the street, around the bend

To the doctors offices we go

Will they be there, who can say

It’s the hide and seek ‘HMO”