Once I met a fine canine
Her demeanor was quite benign
I’d like to say she was mine
But that would be too out of line
She belonged to a friend of mine
They agreed she was quite divine
Her house was out under the pine
It bore a placard, or was it a sign?
That said her name was Clementine
I used to visit and sip some wine
Out in the woods with that canine.



My Dog, Butch and Me

Oodles of noodles
And dishes and fishes
Are things I ask for
When I make wishes

Then I am off
To visit with mouses
Who all live together
In purple mouse houses

When I go seaward
To visit friend whale
We gather together
Loads of pails of snails

Often in my wishes
I travel down to swampy bog
Where I find my friend
Frankie frog on a log

Frankie is green
Yet I am not
But a better friend
I have not got

I am a kid you see
You know of course
That’s why I am wishing
For my very own horse

I wish to my horse
All speckled and striped
My horse will be orange
Yellow, blue and bright white

My dog comes with me
On my wishing day
We visit of our friends
Who invite us to stay?

But we cannot linger
For mom she’ll be worried
She always does when we roam

So before Olive Owl
Hoots high from her tree
We’ll be scooting on home
My dog, Butch and me.