Hudson, listen up, please!


Hudson, listen up, please!

There is a place in town

That is just

The bees knees!


Last week was a week

That makes me shout

I turned 55 – people

Found me out!


And mean as I am

Rotten as I can be

Friend after friend

Came by and hugged me.


My business associate

Stubborn as he can be

Started it off

With a surprise party for me.


And after this fun

At Colosseo’s was

Over and Done

I found that the fun had

Only just begun.


‘Cause a birthday call

From a friend from afar

Sang o’er Ma Bell

Just like a movie star.


Then I had to close my office

For a 10-minute span

‘Cause someone brought me goodies

To feed me by hand.


Then back to work

For a bit of a day

And off to a board meeting

But – there is more to this day


‘Cause the board

Knew my house is devoid of food

So they brought me a birthday

Dinner that was

Ever so good.


But wait, wait

It wasn’t done yet

To the TSL WareHouse we went

To hear Vikki True

Time – well spent.


It was so delightful

And such a great space

I called another friend

To come share this place.


So finally at last

On Saturday night – so nice

Back to the WareHouse

This week – I was there twice.


So listen up Hudson,

Hear me well

Read my lips

As they loudly spell.


Thank you all

Good friends and true

You gave me a week

That wouldn’t leave me blue.


Listen up, listen up

This town is full of good

It treats us right

As well it should.



Lillian “Pete” Cambpell

March is women’s history month
How can we celebrate?
I ask you seriously
I ask you how
Perhaps, I can help
Perhaps, I can us now

We know lady
A good friend of mine
Lovely and gentle
Quiet and kind

She has been honored
In a most significant way
Her goodness I s
Goodness that is
Her to stay

She has been nominated
Honored and hung
In a place where her attributes
Can be savored
And sung

Do you know Cooperstown?
And why is has fame?
Really was nothing
Without her name!

But now she is there in that
Baseball hall of fame
And generations of fans will know her name

Lillian “Petey”
This is who I mean

Have you her
New card ever seen?

I feel so privileged I feel so fine

That this wonderful lady is a fast friend of mine
Nominated to the baseball hall of fame

This dear lady has more than good name
This Craryville
Lady is so much more than that

She’s been mom to six great kids and wears more than one hat

She drove bus for years and smiled through it all
And years before played some wicked ball

Ah “Petey”
If only we all could have been so bold
Could still be so good