Yesterday, Again

It’s beginning to look a lot like yesterday
Politics rearing its head
It’s beginning to look like yesterday
Just when I thought the feuds were dead.

But what do I see in the paper
headlines big and bold
Florio quits and Torrey is fired
Like in the days of old.

Just as I thought I’d catch my breath
One more headline roared
“Lowenstein dumped by HDC”
At least we won’t get bored

Who will it be tomorrow
Should one wager a bet
Pushing and shoving, etc., my friends
Is this as good as it gets?

The alphabet agencies do it again
Will progress scream to a halt?
People are human and humans are people
All of us have our faults.

So as long as summer is here
They might as well heat up the floor
So we get blistered in our own back yards
And never need to go to the shore.


A New Mayor

Hudson, New York has a new Mayor
Seems to be a nice guy
Perhaps he was (or was he) surprised
When the outgoing Mayor tried to be sly?

A midnight appointment of cronies
A midnight madness attempt
For the old Mayor to load the cabinet
viewed with contempt

Well, the new Mayor was wise
In fact, he- for sure- was on his toes
Before many hours had passed
He had dealt with most of those

And we wish him luck, we do
When dealing with the Hudson mass
He will need to have all his ducks in a row
Or they will knock him right on his a__.

We have faith in the new crowd
They need time to prove their worth
So let’s all behave ourselves, if we can
Give crime a very wide berth.

It’s time for Hudson to shine
It has done pretty well for awhile
And now with a brand new Mayor
Maybe we can do it with style.

January 2000

There is a Chicken

There is a chicken who lives on Fairview
I see her most every day
I worry so about this hen
But what am I to say?

“Please stay away from McDonald’s
Don’t go anywhere near
Don’t you realize the dangers?
Are you really crazy, my dear?”

And I also see her at Burger King
Pecking around everywhere
She has absolutely no fear
She’s one brave chicken, I swear

Well, how can I talk to a chicken
How can I be understood
I guess if she just doesn’t go to Wendy’s
Then maybe she’ll still turn out good.

So if you see a chicken on Fairview
Please go around her with care
She’s only just doing her duty
Giver her some room to spare.

January 2000

I Wanted Not To Get Up This Morning

I wanted not to get up this morning
I wanted to snooze in my bed
I wanted to dream lovely Hudson things
Of days when there was nothing to dread.
But I had to get up this morning
I had to get out of my bed
So when I got up this morning
I wished I were in bed instead.
But wishes weren’t fishes
And morning’s not night, no matter how we pray
So here I am, up this morning
Getting ready to stay up all day.

May 1999


Moms, you gotta move out
You gotta serve
Get on that board
Utilize some nerves

You are the backbone
You are the nerves
You are the spice in life’s menu – You serve

I learned to make change at my mother’s knee
And how to sell curios
Set me free

I learned to read before I could walk
Never was a time I knew not how to talk

In a one-room school
With a wood stove yet
I could divide and do fractions
And I ain’t forgot yet

English took longer
It was so absurd
But learn it I did
And a new school was an idea unheard

Would we have wars
If women ruled?
Would there be less greed
Any act less cruel?

Oh, yes, I have no doubt
A gentle world
Is what t’would be about

Have we all not learned
In a place less than great?
Did it take a “new school”
To learn to love not hate

Huh uh
No way
Say I
Wake up Hudson
Or we’ll strangle
And die.

The Holidays Approach Us

The holidays approach us

You know that they do.

And I am ashamed!

Why?  Let me tell you.

On our wonderful streets

In downtown Hudson’s heart,

There are two big buildings

That really set us apart.

They stare at us daily

Like a pair of dead glass eyes.

And I’m tired of seeing them

Sitting there, just waiting to die.

It makes me feel so sad

And melancholy as well.

Why haven’t our promoters

Been able yet to sell . . .

These two abandoned structures

Which with some TLC

Can be our center diamonds

For the future – I am sure

That this you see.

We can paint up our faces

And congratulate ourselves

Till we are blue.

But until the st. Charles and Marshes revive,

They o’er shadow all that we do.

Doesn’t anyone care

Has no one the vision

To search out the buyers

Can Hudson make this a mission?

If I were a visitor

To our fair and friendly town,

I’d smile ‘till I saw them

And then I’d surely frown.

“Whoops!”  is the word

I’d say right out loud.

“This town is full of baloney

How can they walk so proud?”

This historic town

Has so much to giv.

But how can one see it

While these two “ghost shops” live

But maybe our forest

Is so think with the trees

That we’re unable to focus

On these – our master keys.

Let’s open this door

Put “A” before “B”

Get those who know how

Abroad in that sea,

A’searching for whalers

For those who wish to become

A part our treasure

Instead of landlords who slum.

For the holidays are coming

You know that they are.

Can’t all of us together

Make our two ghosts – our holiday stars?

Published in the Register-Star 12/6/1993

Hudson, listen up, please!


Hudson, listen up, please!

There is a place in town

That is just

The bees knees!


Last week was a week

That makes me shout

I turned 55 – people

Found me out!


And mean as I am

Rotten as I can be

Friend after friend

Came by and hugged me.


My business associate

Stubborn as he can be

Started it off

With a surprise party for me.


And after this fun

At Colosseo’s was

Over and Done

I found that the fun had

Only just begun.


‘Cause a birthday call

From a friend from afar

Sang o’er Ma Bell

Just like a movie star.


Then I had to close my office

For a 10-minute span

‘Cause someone brought me goodies

To feed me by hand.


Then back to work

For a bit of a day

And off to a board meeting

But – there is more to this day


‘Cause the board

Knew my house is devoid of food

So they brought me a birthday

Dinner that was

Ever so good.


But wait, wait

It wasn’t done yet

To the TSL WareHouse we went

To hear Vikki True

Time – well spent.


It was so delightful

And such a great space

I called another friend

To come share this place.


So finally at last

On Saturday night – so nice

Back to the WareHouse

This week – I was there twice.


So listen up Hudson,

Hear me well

Read my lips

As they loudly spell.


Thank you all

Good friends and true

You gave me a week

That wouldn’t leave me blue.


Listen up, listen up

This town is full of good

It treats us right

As well it should.