Our Irene Was Busy

Our Irene was busy
Had much, very much to do
She dressed so very healthy
Put on her snazziest shoes

She stepped out to her garage
To take out her nice clean car
But a stone was lurking there
So Irene got less than far.

She turned her ankle slightly
Almost took a fall
Corrected herself quickly
And drove away to make her calls.

All morning she was busy
So many tasks she had
At last to the beauty parlor
Where to SIT made her glad.

She noticed, incidentally

That her ankle grew rather large
No time to dilly dally
Her optimism
Did take charge.

Then as she rose to leave
Her hair looking mighty fine
She had to sit back down again
And count to 10 or 9.

“Oh my word,” Irene said
“I’ve a problem, I think”
Her ankle was all swelled up
She wasn’t in the pink.

And now, to tell the truth
A  bone is broken there
So Irene wears a “ski boot”
And must be cautious on the stair.

Today she told me
The swellings going down
A month or so, she assures me
She’ll be out on the town.