Quick Draw is Dead!

The sightless eyes are dark
There at the edge of the room
You can feel the gloom.

They look like sentinels
Thos dark TV screens
How could the legislators
Be so darn mean.

So now, how we gonna pay
For this, this and that?
‘Cause Quck Draw done did it
OOOOH – Legislators, you dirty rats.



Thank you, Kozel’s

To Kozel’s

Thank you for providing

us with a most unusual nite

We came for dinner and stayed – much to our delight.

Such a nice community gesture

For a friend of ours

Who knows what will happen

Maybe she’ll be a star.

Our ears are recovering

Our bottom sides too

And we’ll be back again

When other great things you do.

A child in a restaurant

A child in a restaurant is a phenomenon
As long as it is not your own
A child in a restaurant is a phenomenon
If you can study it on your own

They seem amazed by nearly everything
And what they hate- you know
They eat everything their mother wants
And throw the rest upon the floor

Yet they smile at you so prettily
And win your heart, you see
As long as they dine with you
As long as I dine with me

A Family of Four

A family of four
Having such fun
Dining together
In the last rays of the dusky sun

Just had to compliment them
On their good humor smiles
I remember dining with youngsters
Can sometimes be a trial

But not on this night
This 4-person group
Chatted away and laughed together
Over their dinners and soup

The boys finished up
With humungous desserts
Just looking at them
Made my tummy hurt

They did their best
Ate all that they could
Just 3 or 4 spoonfuls
Seemed to me would be good
Upon leaving, they politely
Said ‘Goodbye” to we 2
Then presented us with candy
And the cards above
Which I now share with you

Good Luck to You Elsie

Elsie said one Saturday
“10 days until I do it
gonna get a new hip!

Her smile is just as brilliant
Her friendliness shines through
And I for one am happy
She is getting her hip new

For she deserves the best
Yes indeed she does
She puts up with all the b.s.
And she does it just because

Just because she is Elsie
Elsie of the smiling face
This is who she is
Elsie, gracious Elsie
Who greets us at her place

She know all of the people
Reads them like a book
Gives a squeeze when it is needed
Sometimes a knowing look

Now Elsie is headed
For some relief we hear
And everyone of us who pesters her
Gives a most resounding cheer

Good luck to you Elsie
We’ll miss you while away
And we will be glad to see you
When you come back that day

Frank and Elsie

Frank took sick
But is on the mend
Was in hospital
Now is home again

We knew Elsie
Had a bad day
For Elsie wore no jewelry
On that pug-awful day

Like birds in the wilderness
Here we three were
Waiting for our food
Hearts going out to her

For while Frank strengthened daily
Elsie stayed firm
Even when the old furnace
Refused to burn

Then, her dog, gone it
Had to be put to sleep
And frank in the hospital
Anyone would weep

But we feel better
Knowing Elsie does too
As we light the candles
Knowing Frank will pull through