Words – Letters

Curly “Q’s”
The ramrod “I”Letters surround us
Even when we die.
Just take a look
Where U r
There are letters
Even in your car.
Check out your closets
Peek into your coat
Read the label in them
That some writer wrote.
Now if U think
I’m joshing U
Go read your kitchen
Letters are all thru.
Even in your church
Letters are gathered
Everywhere they lurk
But be not afraid
Have no fear
Letters are friendly
Shed not a tear
There are letters
That need no words attached
I.O.U. and R.I.P. for example
Cannot be matched
So just sit back
And enjoy yourself
Read all of the letters
Within yourself.


Please Read This Slowly

Please read this slowly
As it was written
Sound each word carefully
As though you’re smitten

I love words
Their feel their sound
Read them slowly
Make each vowel round

A written letter
Sent via the mail
Is so very satisfying
It never fails

Never fails to please me
With each word I read
To ever written thought
I will pay heed

It’s a pleasure to see
The handwriting there in
Even if difficult to decipher
It can make me grin

For some dear friend
Has spent a dime
To send a real letter
Written in real time