This is it, Kid

We’ve tried once before
Remember, if you will
Mother Nature screwed us
Made the damn party “nil.”

But do we give up?
The seasons?
No way!!!!!
If there is a reason
You know we will play

We asked for a limo
Did we get it?
You’ll know
If yes, we will cheer
If not,
Well—that’s how it goes

So Marion, our darling,
Marion, our sweet
We are here to celebrate
In spite of the heat!

Marvelous, Marion
We love you
You know we do
Marvelous Marion
We’ll e’er
Be true!

We’ve been to the beach
We’ve been to the shore
We’ve shown up at convention
So much more

We’ve tempted our mettle
My God, how we’ve strived
And yes, the four seasons
Even let “me” drive

Merry Marion,
Do you D.C recall?
When I drove in the rain—
Was that
Or Fall?