Worst Storm of Year* March 14-15-16-1997

Friday dawned cold
The roads were a mess
Was I a fanatic?
Was this a test?

I wavered, I waffled
I hemmed and I hawed
But not for one moment
did I guffaw.

Could I? Would I?
Drive on that ice
Drive thru the snow?
How else to get
Where I longed to go?

Racked my brain
Pulled on my hair
Then up and decided
I just did not care.

I was going
And that was that
Called the limo place
And chatted with Pat.

Before calling Pat
I called “Mohonk”
(down near New Paltz somewhere)
Were they going ahead
Did they dare?

So, then I asked if
The MOHONK van
Could arrive
Downtown in New Paltz
Would it survive?

“You bet – no problem
We can be there.
Tell us when
Tell us where.”

SO–now if I could
Take the thruway to there
Where could I
Leave my car?
I mean WHERE?

The policeman was nice
But can’t park at the their place
With all the snow and ice
Would be no space
SO– No dice.

The bus station man
Laughed right out loud
“In this storm, Lady,
We’ve already a crowd.”

Is how I felt
Stopped before started
Would the darn snow just melt.

By noon it was worse
As bad as I’ve seen
That’s the time
Good friend, Pat
Came on the scene.

She gulped a breath
And said she would see
If she could find a driver
Half as crazy as me.

Soon, Driver Doug
(a fine young man)
Loaded our luggage
Into the 4-wheel van.

Away we went
Doug, Betty and me
Carefully down the thruway
OH! SOOOO carefully.

The roads were wet
With snow, slush and ice
Before many miles I thought
“You shoulda thought twice

Slowly, steady
We crept on our way
Saw cars sliding off
For most of the way.

Then nearly to our exit
Three cars slid together
A real grand slam.

Good driver, Doug
Carefully drove by
We were safe and clear
In the blink of an eye.

We’d soon be there
Back t the ’60’s
The music mystery to solve
This drive would be history
And we’d be involved.

Now I haven’t prayed
Not as much as I should
But now I was thankin’
For treatin’ us good.

An on down to New Paltz
Our breaths heaving away
One more stretch
And we could call it a day.

This was the part
I’d dreaded most of all
Winding “S” curves
And steep cliffs over
Which we might fall.

The signs on the road
Tickled my funny bone so
They read “QUIET PLEASE”
And, Oh yes

Up, up and over
Around and around
No fence on the edge
Couldn’t see
The ground.

I swallowed hard
Tried to breath deep
Wishing I could
Just fall asleep.

2.2 miles read the sign
Up ahead
I crossed my fingers
Hoping we’d not arrive

Then–suddenly ahead
A castle in the mist
Could see our destination
Beyond one last twist.

Our rubber legs
Nearly gave out
But we finally arrived
With a most joyous shout!

And the greeters there
Came out to meet us
All ready to please.

We registered in
Got our goodies and pins
Then sank into the chairs
To wait for son JOHN
So we could really begin.

Had started!
Here we were at last
Ready to denounce
That dastardly cast.

Up to our rooms
Old Bett, Young John and Dee
All set to detect
These odd Musketeers Three.

Our team was terrific
Seventeen of the best
From everywhere they arrived
And for the ’60’s dressed.

The dark deed was done
After dinner that night
“JANIS JANISEE” was offed
Right there in plain sight.

The mike sizzled
The audience gasped
As singer JANISEE
Screeched out her last!

The most mysterious question
of all
Why would anyone drive
Through such snow
Thru such slush and ice?
I really don’t know.

There is no answer
I tell you true
If you’re not into MYSTERY
You’ll have not a clue!

Dee George
March 1997


Your adventure to Mohonk arrived today

Your adventure to Mohonk arrived today
And the limo driver’s a Saint did you say?
But the fun was awaiting at your dor
Once our John arrived evened the score!

A great singer laid to rest? Who else was desposed
Before this ponderous mystery came to its close
Found by sleuthers hounding their backs
I must know who done it!
Don’t tease me so!
The butcher? The baker? The candlestick maker?
Darn—Who was that insidious raker?

But discover the culprit you did
As you tucker in your bib
While eating sumptuous goodies and drinking your tea,
A mystery unraveled by just you three
Now I see!