Small Treasures are Pleasures

It isn’t very difficult
Believe me, it is not
To please me a little
And to thrill me a real whole lot

For example, let me tell you
What has made me smile so much
It is a pretty little bookmark
Pressed flowers in a bunch.

Now I read mysteries
From morning until dusk
Some are clever, some are fun
Some leave me shivering
In my husk.

But my lovely bookmark
Keeps me smilin’
Yes, it does
And I tell, cause I like you
I tell you just because . . . .

And for my ANNE RICE books
My daughter presented to me
With a silver etched bookmark
That simply fills me with
Glorious, outrageous glee.

So as I said before
I will say once again
It takes but a little
To keep my soul in grins.

March 1997