“Advances Dismay Me”

I was reading my paper
On 12/27/99
There wasn’t too much bad news
So I was feeling fine.
Until that is, you understand
A story I found there
Filled me with wonder
Filled me with despair.
“A person,” the paper said
in this 12/27/99 edition
“has been found dead”
But the story filled me with suspicion
For the paper’s date — remember?
Was 12/27/99
But the date of the death, I read
Was ahead of us in time.
This person, I was told,
The one who was found dead?
Was found on 12/30/99
That was the day it said.
Three days before the occurrence?
A warning — might this have been?
If I were the one they were discussing
I would’ve left town — right then.



A New Mayor

Hudson, New York has a new Mayor
Seems to be a nice guy
Perhaps he was (or was he) surprised
When the outgoing Mayor tried to be sly?

A midnight appointment of cronies
A midnight madness attempt
For the old Mayor to load the cabinet
viewed with contempt

Well, the new Mayor was wise
In fact, he- for sure- was on his toes
Before many hours had passed
He had dealt with most of those

And we wish him luck, we do
When dealing with the Hudson mass
He will need to have all his ducks in a row
Or they will knock him right on his a__.

We have faith in the new crowd
They need time to prove their worth
So let’s all behave ourselves, if we can
Give crime a very wide berth.

It’s time for Hudson to shine
It has done pretty well for awhile
And now with a brand new Mayor
Maybe we can do it with style.

January 2000

What a Month

What a month
2000 January has been
Sopranos win awards
You betcha – They’re all men.

Grandmas stage a protest
See snow for the first time
Then hurry home to Cuba
For margaritas and a lime.

Winter landed with a vengeance
Where winters never went
So Alabama and her neighbors
Have frustrations they wish to vent.

Two fine teams, no one much were talking of
Made it to the Super Bowl
A lot of stressed spandex
As they fought for their goal.

This first month of the millenium
Now is at last over and done
Maybe we will get one fine day
Before groundhog has his fun.

Strange sounds in the morning

Strange sounds in the morning
Odd sounds at night
Loud noises in the street
Underneath the pale lamplight

The sirens go ripping
Down the serene avenue
The boys in blue protecting
Me and you and you

Birds whisper in the willow
Dogs howl at the moon
Cats purr in the shadow
Frogs croak out a tune

Spring sounds are delicious
Take a bite of them dow
All of this goodness
Just calling out to you

Election day, a national holiday?

Election day, a national holiday?
I think not
Look at all of the other holidays
See just what we’ve got

Whenever a holiday from work appears
No matter the occasion or weather
Everyone who is off from work
Goes shopping or just gets together

The holiday is mere excuse
The purpose behind it forgotten Americans give holidays such abuse
It seems to be a bit rotten

So why make another one
We can abuse those that are
Leave Election Day to just be Election Day
Let’s not take this holiday thing to far!