Fatigued seems to be the by word
So says time and NPR
Well, let me tell you, I’m fatigued of fatigue
Is this how you are?

NPR reveals that America
And maybe all the world
Is “Clinton-fatigued”
That’s the phrase that they hurled

While time magazine
Screams out
“US battles intervention-fatique”
ok already, but why must they shout

Fatigue is a four letter word
At least the way I count
But the news, this week, tends to make it one
So Wadda we do- bail out?

Huh uh I think not,baby
I think not indeed
We’ll overcome our fatigue in time
Some relief is all we need

And no one says it better
Than a child of tender years
He spells relief R.O.L.A.I.D.S.
He told me in my ear.