Simplify, simplify
Simplify your day
Throw out the excess
Toss it clean away

K. I. S. S.
Remember that old saw?
Keep it simple, stupid
Gives me a loud guffaw

I can keep it simple
And stupid I may be
But throwing out the excess
Makes perfect sense to me


When smoking was classy

Can you remember
The good old days?
When smoking was classy
As it left its haze

I can remember
The good old days
I was part of the crowd
It has gone away

I loved to smoke
It felt so fine
I loved to smoke
Even as I dined

As I took my bath
I loved to smoke
But the room was small
Sometimes I ‘d choke

But that didn’t matter
Not then – it did not
Why way back then
Smoking was hot

And I remember
When we smoked outside
Then continued doing it
With a lot of pride

What is it you liked?
About this habit of sin
With the smoke all about
And you were wearing a grin?

I don’t mean to go on
About you know what
But then smoking was fun
I’m sorry now it’s not!

T-shirts by the dozen

T-shirts by the dozen
T-shirts by the score
We were so excited
When we finally received our four

But now we have a problem
A little one, but still
We need just one more T-shirt
Then we will have our fill

For you sent one to Patty
One for Kathy, Juanita and for me
But the dummy in our window
Is still naked as can be

So please, can you find
Just one more shirt somewhere
One so our window bummy
Won’t embarrass us by being bare!

A child in a restaurant

A child in a restaurant is a phenomenon
As long as it is not your own
A child in a restaurant is a phenomenon
If you can study it on your own

They seem amazed by nearly everything
And what they hate- you know
They eat everything their mother wants
And throw the rest upon the floor

Yet they smile at you so prettily
And win your heart, you see
As long as they dine with you
As long as I dine with me

These Feet

These feet are made for walking
But I don’t go so very far
These knees are made for praying
Just don’t kneel in the tar

These hands are made for holding
For working and for hugging
Never ever let them hurt someone
Or be the implement of a mugging

These lips are made for kissing
For eating and for speaking
Please do not use them
For cussin’ or for shieking

This nose is made for smelling
Detecting odors good and bad
Sometimes it runs away from me
Which does not make me glad

These eyes are made for seeing
All the wide wide world out there
They can fill my heart with sunshine
Unless what I see just makes me swear

For all of these resources
I am thankful everyday
What would we do without them
I really cannot say

In the afternoon, around two

In the afternoon, around two
I really do wish I had nothing to do
But sit around thinking or sleeping or such
Now do you really think I ask too much?

Isn’t it silly- the things that we think
When we really should be working or at the sink
Wouldn’t it be nice if our food thoughts could come true
I would surely like that- what about you?

The TV is Broke

The TV is broke
So I turn it on no more
I have no money
So I go to no stores

Yet I feel free
Than ever before
I can read and write
Then do it some more

I can visit with friends
Draw a picture or two
I have zillions of things
I am now free to do