Yesterday, Again

It’s beginning to look a lot like yesterday
Politics rearing its head
It’s beginning to look like yesterday
Just when I thought the feuds were dead.

But what do I see in the paper
headlines big and bold
Florio quits and Torrey is fired
Like in the days of old.

Just as I thought I’d catch my breath
One more headline roared
“Lowenstein dumped by HDC”
At least we won’t get bored

Who will it be tomorrow
Should one wager a bet
Pushing and shoving, etc., my friends
Is this as good as it gets?

The alphabet agencies do it again
Will progress scream to a halt?
People are human and humans are people
All of us have our faults.

So as long as summer is here
They might as well heat up the floor
So we get blistered in our own back yards
And never need to go to the shore.


A New Mayor

Hudson, New York has a new Mayor
Seems to be a nice guy
Perhaps he was (or was he) surprised
When the outgoing Mayor tried to be sly?

A midnight appointment of cronies
A midnight madness attempt
For the old Mayor to load the cabinet
viewed with contempt

Well, the new Mayor was wise
In fact, he- for sure- was on his toes
Before many hours had passed
He had dealt with most of those

And we wish him luck, we do
When dealing with the Hudson mass
He will need to have all his ducks in a row
Or they will knock him right on his a__.

We have faith in the new crowd
They need time to prove their worth
So let’s all behave ourselves, if we can
Give crime a very wide berth.

It’s time for Hudson to shine
It has done pretty well for awhile
And now with a brand new Mayor
Maybe we can do it with style.

January 2000

The school bond was defeated

The school bond was defeated
By two to one they say
I think there were several reasons
One being more taxes we’d have to pay

There are so many youngsters
Whose parents own no home
Tenants pay no property tax
Homeowners face this tax alone

I’ve heard it said out on the street
I’ve heard it said around
Many regret the location
With both schools on one plot of ground

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Proximity can breed contempt
Having little kids exposed to big
Can lead to much regret

Childhood is so tenuous
Grows shorter year by year
The middle years are precious years
Where visions become clear

But cosseted near the senior school
Where visions become more blurred
The voters said “No” to this
I hope the board has heard

Election day, a national holiday?

Election day, a national holiday?
I think not
Look at all of the other holidays
See just what we’ve got

Whenever a holiday from work appears
No matter the occasion or weather
Everyone who is off from work
Goes shopping or just gets together

The holiday is mere excuse
The purpose behind it forgotten Americans give holidays such abuse
It seems to be a bit rotten

So why make another one
We can abuse those that are
Leave Election Day to just be Election Day
Let’s not take this holiday thing to far!

Campaign posters arrive In autumn

Campaign posters arrive In autumn
As sure as leaves upon the lawn
I cross my fingers when I view them
That in winter, they’ll be gone

The leaves will blow away
Or get crushed to tiny bits
But if campaigners remove no signs
I’m likely to throw a fit

For nothing is so dreary
Than dog-eared campaign boasts
For those who do remove them
We’ll raise our glasses in toast