Ah so, Gus – Ah so, Hellen too

Ah so, Gus
Ah so, Hellen too
Back from Japan
What did you do?

Did you ride in a junk (or is it a sampan?)
Did you look up the good Tai Pai?
How did you enjoy
All those many days?

Did you eat a lot of sushi?
Did you see a temple high?
Did you watch Kabuki dancers
When their wild, wild hair did fly?

Does the music really tinkle?
Do the people bow a lot?
Did you have a comfy bed?
Or did you rest on a cot?

It seems so far away
JAPAN, Oh Me, Oh My!
How many flying hours
Did you send in the sky?

What is your favorite story?
Of this fabulous vacation
Would you go back again
Or have you totally filled your ration?

Where next will you travel?
When the chance occurs once more
Where does your fancy take you?
When you let your spirits soar?
August 1998