Moms, you gotta move out
You gotta serve
Get on that board
Utilize some nerves

You are the backbone
You are the nerves
You are the spice in life’s menu – You serve

I learned to make change at my mother’s knee
And how to sell curios
Set me free

I learned to read before I could walk
Never was a time I knew not how to talk

In a one-room school
With a wood stove yet
I could divide and do fractions
And I ain’t forgot yet

English took longer
It was so absurd
But learn it I did
And a new school was an idea unheard

Would we have wars
If women ruled?
Would there be less greed
Any act less cruel?

Oh, yes, I have no doubt
A gentle world
Is what t’would be about

Have we all not learned
In a place less than great?
Did it take a “new school”
To learn to love not hate

Huh uh
No way
Say I
Wake up Hudson
Or we’ll strangle
And die.