Words – Letters

Curly “Q’s”
The ramrod “I”Letters surround us
Even when we die.
Just take a look
Where U r
There are letters
Even in your car.
Check out your closets
Peek into your coat
Read the label in them
That some writer wrote.
Now if U think
I’m joshing U
Go read your kitchen
Letters are all thru.
Even in your church
Letters are gathered
Everywhere they lurk
But be not afraid
Have no fear
Letters are friendly
Shed not a tear
There are letters
That need no words attached
I.O.U. and R.I.P. for example
Cannot be matched
So just sit back
And enjoy yourself
Read all of the letters
Within yourself.


I Went Home Early

I went home early
One day last week
I wanted some quiet
That was all I did seek

Just quiet in which
To write some words
I mad sure
All around had heard

There were words
Bouncing around in my head
I needed to leave work
I’d have to leave town

I use a computer
Upon which to write
But it was not working
On this very night

So, of course, I called
The computer man
He said, “I’ll be there
as soon as I can”

But it would be tomorrow
His prognosis
Good heavens alive
I’d develop a psychosis

I sat down at the table
And with a pen
I started to write
Just where I should begin

And I wrote all the afternoon
And thru half the night
When I finally quit
I looked a sight

If, tomorrow
When I arise
I can read my words
It will be a big surprise

But I’d gone home early
And quiet I’d found
The only noise
Was my hand writing sound.

June 1999

They stopped at my house

They stopped at my house
It was Saturday afternoon
Never saw them before
Hope to see them again soon

They liked where they were
Liked the house living and poetry too
They make me feel clever and oh so good
The smile on their faces easily understood

So whoever you were whoever you are
Stop by again in your clean white cars
It is nice to see you I say I felt well
It is nice to see folks who visit a spell

It is my hope you liked my house
Please let me know who you are
I took not your name for your card
But please, come back to visit in your car

Lesson 7

Lesson 7- what a hard time I’ve had
There are stories and articles- some good-many bad
My house is a wreck
My psyche and my frame
But I’ll not give up on this writing game

Hold it right there, lady
I know what you’ll say
“This is no game hear me today
If you are serious
Then get on your way.”

And I tried oh my and so hard
And I’ve had a ball, still no threat to the bard
I will send along each one, to magazine or two
But the one I like best I am sending to you

It hits where I live
And maybe you live there as well
So off in the mail
While I learn how to spell

The query letter is the hardest thing I know
What do you say to someone you don’t know?
But I did what I did and it is here too
Now I sit back and relax- waiting to hear from you

Happy new year
I know this is late
But let’s cross our fingers
That 2000 is terrifically great.

Please Read This Slowly

Please read this slowly
As it was written
Sound each word carefully
As though you’re smitten

I love words
Their feel their sound
Read them slowly
Make each vowel round

A written letter
Sent via the mail
Is so very satisfying
It never fails

Never fails to please me
With each word I read
To ever written thought
I will pay heed

It’s a pleasure to see
The handwriting there in
Even if difficult to decipher
It can make me grin

For some dear friend
Has spent a dime
To send a real letter
Written in real time

I’m saving lots of paper

I’m saving lots of paper
I know that you can do it too
Just stop writing with pen and pencil
Let the computer work for you

How many years
Did I think that would not work
Now I am getting used to it
No longer am I a jerk

You can make all corrections
Sharpen up your spelling skills
All upon that computer
So easy, it gives me chills

What, with all of my writings was I going to do?

I was asked one night
Believe me, ‘tis true
What, with all of my writings
Was I going to do?
The question struck me
As somewhat queer
It isn’t as if
I had ambitions here

Going to do?
Never gave it a thought
I just love to write
And now I’d been caught
Editor, now what do you feel
Each time you put the paper to bed?
As you put on your coat
And the stairs feel the heel of your tread?

Is it happiness, then that occupies your mind
Or is tit despair at the world in its mess?
How do you stand so much disappointment
Do you erase it with a good game of chess?

It has always been a mystery to me
When I read my paper each day
How the writer and editors can still smile
When there is so much foul play.