Linda was tripped
Clinton skipped
Hillary thought
“Oh, what a drip”
Then set out
Upon her own ship
Lewinsky moved
Ken’s star has dimmed
Perhaps this is the last
We’ll hear of them


Impeachment on hold

Impeachment on hold.

Dastardly deeds on the shelf

When broncos met falcons I enjoyed myself

Of course you all know A coloradoan am I

And I yelled and I cheered As tht football sailed by

I forgot the score It was simply outrageous

Super bowl Sunday and broncos

Have become contagious


Campaign posters arrive In autumn

Campaign posters arrive In autumn
As sure as leaves upon the lawn
I cross my fingers when I view them
That in winter, they’ll be gone

The leaves will blow away
Or get crushed to tiny bits
But if campaigners remove no signs
I’m likely to throw a fit

For nothing is so dreary
Than dog-eared campaign boasts
For those who do remove them
We’ll raise our glasses in toast

I’m not a parade goer

I’m not a parade goer
No a crowd participant at all
Than to travel to a mall

But I’ve heard some real good things
About the flag day parade this year
Make me wish I had gone to this one
So that I could hear each and every cheer

The town and county must be applauded
They worked and worked it seems
To put together a big parade
To fill the peoples dreams